Maplestory pocket item slot quest

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However, even when a scroll fails, an upgrade slot is still deducted from the item, so think carefully when scrolling.

LMAO getting charm is not the end to get the pocket slot get to lv30 charm (fame, NX equips, hair change, color change, do PQ) once u reached lv30 in charm, a quest will come to u automatically (either light bulb on head, or check ur left hand side on screen) [Extaliams] Pocket slot and item guide! - YouTube Recently extaliams finally implemented the pocket slot in game. Upon reaching fame level 30, you will be able to accept the quest to unlock your pocket slot! However, there is a limited number of ... how can i open the Pocket slot? : Maplestory - reddit

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v.197 – Ark: Monad Patch Notes | Dexless, Maplestory Guides and [IMG] Experience a new blockbuster adventure in multiple acts with Monad! Face down monsters with unique strategies, and experience new types of...

Andy's Pocketwatch. Andy's ... Max per slot:? Dropped by: - Description: The item that can activate ... MapleStory and any related images and content are ...

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How To Unlock The Pocket Slot in Maplestory 2016 Use these steps to unlock the pocket slot. First you have to get your charm up to level 30. Press "B" to see traits. Do the new monster park and buy Mustaches and equip them for 100 charm each. Look for quests and events that award Cologne. (5 charm each) Hero coin event boxes, etc. Unlock Pocket Slot Maplestory - Use these steps to unlock the pocket slot. Pocket MapleStory hack and cheats tool lets you get as many free candy and free mesos as you wish. Help Pocket item free emotes CCPLZ A. Limit my search to r. How to get pocket slots maplestory. When I try to Equip a Pocket item, Can someone tell me how to get a. The Pocket Slot in Maplestory. how to get pocket slots maplestory - How To Get Pocket Slots Maplestory. how to get pocket slots maplestory Pocket MapleStory Cheats: Top 11 Tips, Tricks and Hints . 2 years ago No Comments. Similar to the Wizet’s MapleStory, Pocket MapleStory is a mobile MMORPG with a persistent world, cute graphics, lots of quests, action combat and interesting story.

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Everywhere I go says to talk to the salonist in heny but he doesnt give me a quest. So I cant get ... MapleStory Subreddits ... [Reboot] How to unlock pocket slot? MapleSEA Obtaining your Pocket Slot - Blogger MapleSEA Obtaining your Pocket Slot ... you must complete a quest. ... From here on you will be able to equip your Pocket items. Pocket Item | MapleWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Shoulder Decoration • Pocket Item • Badge ... Leftovers • Book • Game Piece • Quest Item • Bag ... // ... How to get Pocket Slot & Rose Clipping - YouTube